We support our customers with comprehensive services, starting with consulting, planning, installation and maintenance, and extending to comprehensive service concepts. We are supported by our service partners.


We provide worldwide installation, removal and commissioning service
of your ball valves by our service partners.


With an inspection plan defined by you, we check, monitor and maintain all necessary components of the ball valve and the associated drive technology with our service partners at regular intervals.


From planning, preparation and implementation to final commissioning, our experts support you during planned plant shutdowns. Through this work, we clarify the scope of the valves to be overhauled and define the necessary service measures with you. We ensure the availability of spare parts and clarify procurement times. You receive a schedule, personnel and tool planning. After the revision, our ongoing service accompanies the commissioning of the revised valves.

Repair for own and
third-party products

Our specialists will repair your ball valves professionally, regardless of the make. If necessary, we can reconstruct the ball valve to the current state of the art, e.g. by using a packing according to TA-Luft or new ball sealing systems. As soon as your valves arrive at our service center, they are disassembled, cleaned and inspected. You will receive a findings report including a cost estimate for repair. We offer you a qualified and cost-effective repair service. If required, we can also shorten the throughput times with our express line service option.

On request, we can organize the collection of the fittings. All you have to do in advance is to fill out the clearance certificate and enclose it with the ball valve and place a collection order with us.


In the course of the product life cycle, plant parameters may change leading to valves being used in a manner divergent frpm the original design. This can have a negative effect on the desired service life. With the DKM retrofit program our ball valves can be converted from one type to another, for example, from soft-sealing to metallic sealing. It is also possible to manufacture components from higher quality materials. We also offer the retrofit service for related ball valves.

Spare parts

DKM parts have a guaranteed availability, regardless of the production year. We also guarantee that you will be supplied with high-quality spare parts for the next few years. By keeping a product life cycle record, we can identify the delivery status of our valves and provide you with the necessary spare parts. Do you need spare parts in a short time? Ask us about our express line.


Do you need a spare part quickly to keep your plant running, but the manufacturer no longer offers the right original part? Perhaps the OEM is no longer represented on the market? Are the offered delivery times too long for you? Or would you like to improve the design of components and/or have them delivered in higher quality materials? Contact us to find creative solutions to problems such as these.


We offer a wide variety of training courses with focus on proper maintenance for your products as well as technical product training and application training at our own training center. An experienced team of trainers is at your disposal. Furthermore, we can offer you training in general valve technology.


Live product support is always available during local business hours. In addition, we are now available for you online. Through our customer portal, you will find all relevant documents about your specific valve. For this purpose, we store the corresponding technical documentation (customer order documents) such as operating instructions, general and sectional drawings with part type number, specification sheets, parts lists, certificates, acceptance reports. Also for future repairs we will provide the findings reports online and archive them for you.

Emergency service: on site

If you need us, we will be there for you. On request, we agree on fixed reaction times with our customers.
In this case, our service specialist will quickly be on site in the event of a fault.

In Germany

  • Monday to Friday: on site within 24 h
  • Saturday and Sunday: on site within 48 h

In the EU

  • Monday to Friday: on site within 48 h
  • Saturday and Sunday: on site within 72 h

Worldwide response times depend on the individual travel regulations of the destination country.


Each valve is subjected to a leakage and pressure test according to DIN EN 12266-1:2012-06 before delivery. On customer request, leakage and pressure tests according to ANSI FCI70-2 or API can also be performed. We can also test per our customer‘s special requirements and specifications with regard to test media, test duration, test setup, etc. Other examples include:

  • Leakage test with water
  • Leakage test with air
  • Leakage test with nitrogen
  • Leak test with helium
  • Vacuum test

Our test bench has the latest pressure measuring points. With this we create a test report for our customers with all relevant data of the valve and the corresponding recorded test pressures. This is part of the customer order documentation.

The tightness measurement is supplemented by an automated bubble counting according to DIN EN, ANSI, API.

The automations assembled by us are designed, adjusted and tested according to the given specification with regard to control and operating times (opening and closing).


DKM now also offers the possibility of remote acceptance of leak and pressure tests. For this purpose our customers receive access data to the customer portal. As before, DKM carries out the leakage and pressure test of the ball valves. However, thanks to online remote acceptance, our customers no longer need to be on site themselves – we broadcast the tests live for you. The online test process can be conveniently followed using various camera views. It is also possible to follow the assembly of the products live.

After successful acceptance, we send the test certificates to our customers by e-mail for signature. We have tested this process in practice and implemented it according to the acceptance standards.

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    Contact us

      DKM Armaturentechnik GmbH

      Head office: Greenwichstraße 2, 66482 Zweibrücken | Deutschland

      E-Mail: info-dkm[at]
      Tel.: +49 (0) 6332 / 47977 – 0

      We look forward to talking to you personally!